Prodota Gaming's decision to register for the Americas open qualifiers instead of playing in their home region has touched off a mass exodus of European teams, many of whom have already been eliminated from the EU open qualifiers. Among the EU teams that have signed up for the second Americas open qualifier in the past few days are Team Empire, Kaipi and Power Rangers. If you wanna go to Boston you gotta do it in old NA fashion way — Team Empire (@team_empire) October 25, 2016 Unlike Prodota, who played through the first AM open qualifier and won a spot at the AM regional qualifier,Read More →

Fnatic are the first direct invite to the ROG Masters LAN final event taking place Nov. 12-13 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Ready or not, here come @FNATIC !@Mushi_Chai & co. are the first team to be invited to the #ROGMASTERS #DOTA2 Grand Finals in Kuala Lumpur! — ROG MASTERS (@ROGMasters) October 25, 2016 Fnatic have had a relatively slow start to the season. They were directly invited to MPGL in September, but after losing to Execration in the semifinals they won just one best-of-one against WG.Unity before being eliminated from the tournament by MVP Phoenix. They also participated in The Summit 6 SEA qualifiers,Read More →

Fnatic have re-signed their former analyst Murielle “Kips” Huisman, the organization announced on Tuesday. It’s our pleasure to welcome back @Kipspul to our #Dota2 team as our in-game analyst! READ » — FNATIC (@FNATIC) October 25, 2016 Kips' contract with Fnatic ended after their TI6 run and she has received multiple offers from other teams, she told theScore esports. However, she has decided to stick with Fnatic, signing a contract with them until Jan. 31 and will be with the team during the qualifier for The Boston Major on Oct. 27-30, and onward to the Major itself on Dec. 3-10, should they qualify.Read More →

Fantastic Five and Prodota Gaming have won the first open qualifiers for the Americas and Europe respectively and have qualified for the regional qualifiers for The Boston Major. ProDota Gaming are the #BostonMajor Americas (O.O) Open Qualifier Winners. — Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 25, 2016 Fantastic Five pushed through the Europe #1 open qualifier as they defeated Team Empire 2-1 in the semifinals, where yol notably played support Warlock every game, then defeated FlipSid3 Tactics 2-1 in the finals. Meanwhile in Americas #1 open qualifier, Prodota cut a swath as they won all their best-of-one matches, they then swept Soggy Mitts 2-0 in theRead More →

WarriorsGaming.Unity won the Southeast Asia #1 open qualifier on Monday and will advance to the Main SEA Qualifier for The Boston Major. WGU defeated Fire Dragoon E-sports 2-0 in the finals to qualify. Both games took less than 22 minutes to complete, with Lai "Ahjit" Jay Son securing an impressive deathless 9/1/2 KDA as Drow Ranger in Game 2. The team has previously competed in the Main SEA Qualifiers for The Manila Major and The International 2016, but failed to advance beyond the Top 4. RELATED: Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, 6 others invited to Valve’s Boston Major WGU joins Team Faceless, Fnatic, Mineski, Rex Regum,Read More →

EHOME.X won the China #1 open qualifier on Monday and will compete in the Main Chinese Qualifier for The Boston Major. EHOME.X defeated Vici Gaming Potential 2-0 in the finals in order to qualify. He "JUST" Zhipeng in particular was impressive in the series, securing a 9.0 and 11.0 KDA in Games 1 and 2 on Death Prophet and Invoker respectively. Prior to their finals matchup, the team defeated FTD Club C and Newbee Young. RELATED: Evil Geniuses, Wings Gaming, 6 others invited to Valve's Boston Major This is EHOME.X’s first major win since forming their new roster in September. The team previously competed atRead More →

European squad Prodota Gaming have decided to compete in The Boston Major Americas open qualifiers instead of in their home region, telling DotaBlast’s Andra Ciubotaru Sunday that they think Valve’s Majors qualification system is flawed and moving regions will give them a fairer chance to compete. “There’s a clear imbalance between the Europe and CIS region and the Americas one. We have too many teams in one region and not enough to fill the other. Yet, they get the same number of spots every time,” DotaBlast quotes the team as saying. “We have decided to take our chances in the Americas open qualifiers. ‘Open’ meansRead More →

Friday's Dota 2 update added a controversial new UI element in the form of a grey overhead status bar that shows all players how long a character is stunned for. The seemingly minor change has been the subject of fevered debate in the community, with some players calling it a great quality-of-life improvement while others deride it as a concession to casual players that lowers the game's overall skill cap. The great debate has extended to the upper echelons of Dota’s pro community, with casters, coaches, and players split on whether the new stun bar is a help or a hindrance. For instance, Chinese DotaRead More →

Team Secret are the first team to qualify for Dota Pit League Season 5 after defeating FlipSid3 Tactics 3-1 in the Grand Finals of European Qualifier #2. Good game to @FlipSid3Tactics, almost went all the way to five games! We win the @DotaPit EU Qualifiers and secure a spot at the LAN Finals! — Team Secret (@teamsecret) October 22, 2016 Secret advanced through the four team qualifier by defeating Ad Finem and Team Liquid in the Winners’ Bracket, losing only one game to Ad Finem in the process. The journey was much more difficult for FlipSid3, who lost to Liquid in the first match 2-0Read More →

The Boston Major qualifier group stage has changed its format from a best-of-two series to a best-of-one, according to sources close to Valve and PGL. The change will also pit teams against each other in a single qualification group rather than in two distinct groups, as was originally outlined, according to those same sources. The move, which differs from The Manila Major but follows the the same system as The International this year, will certainly impact scheduling, as teams will now switch opponents more often. This in turn may cause delays as teams will have to wait for their next opponent to be finished beforeRead More →