Elements Pro Gaming have won the second open American qualifier for The Boston Major and are the last team to qualify for the regional qualifiers following their games on Thursday. The Boston Major Open Qualifiers have now concluded. Congrats to all the winners. Regionals already live. Good luck. pic.twitter.com/JvGsGRURgg — Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 27, 2016 EPG are yet another European team that has won the open qualifier in the Americas region after ProDota Gaming won open qualifiers Americas #1 on Oct. 25. RELATED: EU teams flock to Americas open qualifiers for one more chance at The Boston Major EPG cut through the open qualifierRead More →

H2k-Gaming, Europe’s second seed, ended their run at the World Championship in near embarrassment. They escaped first in the only group without a Korean team, climbing over a Chinese first seed whose top laner’s mentality had been called into question. Their path to semifinals was through a wildcard team that advanced over the first seed from their own region. Then they fell out of the semifinals without a single win. There’s no point arguing that H2K were magic, that they defied the status quo for the EU LCS. There are many ways that H2K were actually a bad team, despite their Top 4 finish. TheyRead More →

Wings Gaming are the third and final invite to ESL One Genting 2016, ESL announced on Thursday. They will join the previous invitees Fnatic, Digital Chaos and five other teams that have yet to qualify in Kuala Lumpur. The TI6 champs are coming to #ESLOne Genting! @wingsgamingcn are our third and final direct invite!https://t.co/2pxEbomS7H pic.twitter.com/gGkjOVUXUN — ESL Dota2 (@ESLDota2) October 27, 2016 RELATED: Wings Gaming set Guinness World Record for largest esports prize The news comes as a bit of a surprise as four direct invites were expected and previously reported for the event, though a specific number of direct invites weren’t mentioned in previousRead More →

Wings Gaming have received a Guinness World Record certificate for their victory at The International 2016 as it’s the single largest prize in esports, according to a tweet from Wykrhm Reddy. Wings Gaming are now the Guinness Record Holders for the Largest 1st Prize in an esports tournament. Congrats. pic.twitter.com/ImCFNKcyC1 — Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 27, 2016 Wings took home a $9,139,002 pot after their 3-1 victory over Digital Chaos in the TI6 Grand Finals. It was the lion share of the tournament’s $20.77 million prize pool. This was made possible by The International Battle Pass 2016 as 25 percent of every purchase went directlyRead More →

The Imperial have won the second European open qualifier for The Boston Major, with a 2-0 win over ALTERNATE aTTaX in the finals. They advance to the main EU regional qualifier, where they will take on nine other teams for one of two qualification spots at the Major. That’s it, we take the Final 2-0 and advance to the regional finals tomorrow. First game at 10:00 CEST vs @adfinemgg @Dota2Major — The Imperial (@theimperialeu) October 26, 2016 The Imperial may be better known as the former roster of the Danish Bears, who were picked up by the organization in June after they made it toRead More →

Fire Dragoon are the second team to qualify for The Boston Major Southeast Asia Regional Qualifier after defeating Rave 2-0 in the SEA Open Qualifier #2 finals. Fire Dragoon (MY) are the winners of The #BostonMajor SEA Open Qualifier #2. They play in the Regionals tomorrow. pic.twitter.com/usUrBlwTtJ — Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) October 26, 2016 Fire Dragoon fought their way through the qualifier without a single loss, defeating Mineski-X in the semifinals before their match against Rave. Mid laner BrayaNt had two strong games as Invoker and Gyrocopter, securing a 8/1/15 KDA in Game 1 and a 14/5/15 KDA in Game 2 respectively. Fire Dragoon alsoRead More →

She might have started as an avid fan of Warcraft III and WoW, but since she got into the Dota 2 scene Jorien "Sheever" van der Heijden has become one of the most well-known broadcast personalities in esports. Starting her career at The International 2 for GosuGamers, Sheever quickly earned a fan following as caster, desk host and streaming personality. From her home in the Netherlands to Valve's headquarters in Seattle, Washington, this is the story of Jorien van der Heijden. For more video interviews and highlights, be sure to subscribe to theScore esports on YouTube. Copyright © 2016 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rightsRead More →

Vega Squadron’s Andrey “Mag~” Chipenko discussed Alexei “Solo” Berezin and Vladimir “No[o]ne Minenko’s departure from the team and the creation of Virtus.pro’s new squad in a short video on Vega Squadron’s YouTube channel. “Solo told us he was called to join VP,” Mag~ said. “As far as I know there were several options of rosters. G’s stack, Silent’s team and Solo’s one. First Silent tried to make a team with Solo, then he got sick and had to leave, so No[o]ne was invited. 9pasha was taken in the last moment, initially there was supposed to be XBOCT, no one knows why it ended up thisRead More →

EHOME.Keen have completed the team list for the main Chinese qualifier for The Boston Major after they won the second round of open qualifiers Wednesday. Our EHOME.X and EHOME.Keen squads have both made it into the main China regional qualifiers for The Boston Major! Let’s do this! 👊🏻 pic.twitter.com/sa9x9vwV8D — EHOME (@EHOMECN) October 26, 2016 EHOME.Keen took a clean run through the open qualifier, going through their best-of-ones with ease as they swept CAVALRY 2-0 in the semifinals, then did the same to Newbee Young in the finals. Former Invictus Gaming carry player qd played a near-flawless Lifestealer in both games against Newbee Young, asRead More →

Congratulations to @TeamVirtuspro for qualifying to Dota Pit Season 5 LAN finals while not losing a single map in CIS qualifier bracket. pic.twitter.com/YQmE7KN3xH — DotaPit.com (@DotaPit) October 25, 2016 Virtus.pro crushed Team Empire in a swift and decisive 3-0 victory in the CIS qualifier finals on Tuesday, and is headed to the Dota Pit Season 5 LAN Finals. Team Empire were likely running on fumes by the time they started their online series against Virtus.pro. They played in The Boston Major European open qualifier #2 earlier in the day, fighting all the way to the Round of 32 before being knocked out by ALTERNATE aTTaX.Read More →