Unicorns of Love defeated Flash Wolves 3-2 in the Grand Finals at Intel Exteme Masters Oakland Sunday, earning the $50,000 grand prize and topping off an improbable run through the bracket that saw them take down both teams that were seeded directly into the semifinals. After upsetting Team SoloMid in the semis earlier on Sunday, UoL headed to the Grand Finals to face Flash Wolves, who went through Longzhu Gaming to get there themselves. The finals saw Flash Wolves get off to a strong start, winning Game 1 with some strong contributions from Hung "Karsa" Hau-Hsuan in the jungle on Nidalee. The Unicorns struck backRead More →

Clinton “Fear” Loomis retired at the age of 28. Not many people can say that, and Fear laughs when he thinks about it. “Yeah, it's a little strange, but esports works a little differently,” Fear told me several weeks ago at the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational. “It's like, you retire from playing, but there's a lot of great opportunities outside of playing.” In August, after over 10 years of professional Dota, Fear decided it was time to hang up his mouse. As the longest-serving member of Evil Geniuses, he was one of the first American players to win The International, and has placed in TopRead More →

Virtus.pro are The Summit 6 champions following their 3-0 sweep over OG in the Grand Finals. None of the games were particularly even, but VP finished both Game 2 and 3 in under 30 minutes. Minenko "No[o]ne" Vladmir's Ember Spirit was the star of Game 3 with a 15/1/18 scoreline. VP and OG had previously met in The Summit 6's Winners' Finals, where VP triumphed 2-1. OG then took down Evil Geniuses for another crack at the CIS champions, but they didn't fair much better in their second attempt. VP qualified for The Summit 6 through the European qualifiers, and will now be taking homeRead More →

The Unicorns of Love have kept their perfect record against Team SoloMid alive following a 2-1 upset win over the North American squad at IEM Oakland. With the win, UoL advance to the Grand Finals and will face the winner of the Flash Wolves’ match against Longzhu. After a brutal 28-14 loss in Game 1, UoL bounced back in Game 2 by taking the fight to TSM and defeating them in a close 24-20 game that lasted 30 minutes. Fabian “Exileh” Schubert was the star of the show for the Unicorns in Game 3, as he compiled a 8/2/8 scoreline on Kassadin, and played aRead More →

Riki went through a significant rework late last year with the release of patch 6.86 but while the pesky little purple assassin is now sometimes played as a support, he can still make your pub games a living hell if allowed to gank unchecked. Luckily, there’s one simple key to countering Riki, and that’s making sure you can see him. Riki’s popularity has remained almost unchanged over time. He’s the eight most played hero of all time, and the eighth most played this month, picked in 20.45% of games. In pub games, buying detection sometimes just doesn’t happen, and a Riki player can easily takeRead More →

Unicorns of Love have announced that both Tamás “Vizicsacsi” Kiss and Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov have re-signed contracts with the team, meaning all five of UoL’s players will stay on for the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. We are really happy to announce @UOLHylissang & @UOLVizicsacsi have re-signed their contracts for 2017. Our 5 players are now contracted! <3 — Unicorns Of Love (@UnicornsOfLove) November 20, 2016 Vizicsacsi and Hylissang are both long-time members of UoL, having joined when the squad was an EU Challenger team in January 2014. In fact, both players have only ever played in the LCS on UoL. The team took someRead More →

Though Chinese offseason doesn’t officially begin until Nov. 22, familiar trends have already started to emerge. Yu “Cool” Jiajun threatened to leave Oh My God (though it seems he actually intends to do it this time), forums have begun to buzz about LCK players heading to China, and Zhu “NaMei” Jiawen has graced us with another cryptic tweet about his competitive future. But amidst the familiarity, something slightly different has occurred this time around. Earlier this month, both Kim “Deft” Hyukkyu and Cho “Mata” Sehyeong announced that they would leave their existing LPL squads with a preference for playing for LCK teams. Recent developments haveRead More →

Martin “Wunder” Hansen and Chris “Sencux” Laursen’s contracts with Splyce has expired and the players announced their free agency via Twitter Saturday. Contract with Splyce expired and I’m just exploring my options bros 😀 — Martin Hansen (@Wunder_LoL) November 19, 2016 I am now a free agent and im open to preferably LCS offers from EU/NA. can contact me on sencuxofficial@gmail.com — Chres Laursen (@Sencux) November 19, 2016 Wunder and Sencux joined Splyce in October 2015, while the organization was known as Follow eSports. Prior to that, they played with the same roster on Team Dignitas EU and SK Gaming Prime. While both players haveRead More →

Fnatic is looking to field an all-European roster for their 2017 League of Legends team, team manager Finlay “Quaye” Stewart stated on Twitter. Would like to reiterate that we are looking to build a full EUROPEAN roster. Around players that will stay together for more than a year. — Finlay Quaye Stewart (@fnaticquaye) November 18, 2016 Previously, Quaye stated that Fnatic will be upgrading their team infrastructure for the upcoming season, and want to have a substitute for every position, giving them a ten-player roster should they achieve that goal. All players currently contracted to Fnatic are European, though the team fielded Korean players LeeRead More →

SK Telecom T1’s star support Lee “Wolf” Jae-wan is starting to think about a future outside of pro-gaming, according to an interview he did with Inven’s Kim Byung-Ho that was translated Saturday by Slingshot’s Andrew Kim. Wolf told Inven that he’s not sure he’s cut out for being a professional League gamer, and he’s begun thinking about what he’ll do after he’s done. “I feel that I’m wearing a mask at times, I want to be Lee Jae-wan, but I feel like I live life with a mask called ‘Wolf,’” he said. “I don’t think [being] a gamer suits me. I want to try outRead More →