On Aug. 13, as a member of Digital Chaos, David "Moo" Hull placed second at The International 2016. On August 27, Moo was removed from DC. Since that time, Moo has joined compLexity Gaming, moved to Florida and qualified for The Boston Major. In an interview with theScore esports, Moo discussed why he was kicked from Digital Chaos, compLexity’s recent performance and what he thinks of his family cheering him on. Were you kicked from Digital Chaos? Yeah, I was kicked. It just kinda happened, I guess. Were you surprised by it? A little bit. But I mean, I kinda knew it was gonna happen.Read More →

Austin "Gate" Yu has announced his free agency from Phoenix1, also saying that he would prefer to stay in the North American region. His announcement comes a day after Brandon "Brandini" Chen also announced he was a free agent. I am currently a free agent and looking to explore my options. Preferred region is NA. Contact me at gate.ay8@gmail.com or DM on Twitter. — Austin (@P1_Gate) November 22, 2016 The contracts for a majority of Phoenix1’s roster expired today, according to the Riot contract database, including Mash and Brandini’s, but also Derek “zig” Shao, Choi “Pirean” Jun-sik, Andrew “Slooshi” Pham and Brandon “DontMashMe” Phan’s. NoRead More →

Dream Team is selling their NA Challenger Series slot to Tempo Storm, Dream Team confirmed to theScore esports in an email. ESPN Esports's Jacob Wolf broke the story earlier today, citing unnamed sources. According to Wolf's report, Tempo purchased the NA CS seed for "roughly six figures." He also said that the team's roster and staff have yet to be finalized, but Tempo Storm have been publicly searching for Challenger Series coaches and managers as early as Nov. 8. Dream Team's owner Neil Bhasin told theScore that the deal included only the Challenger slot, and did not cover any existing contracts. According to Riot's contractRead More →

Dota’s casual fanbase is used to equating statistics and trivia. Pop-ups tell them that Akke won a game at this year’s International without killing a single creep, or that OG have never lost a game with Terrorblade. Simple stats are a fun diversion in-between the serious business of watching Dota. But down in the trenches, stats are serious business. "We're playing for $20 million here,” Ben "Noxville" Steenhuisen, the man behind the trivia on your screen and the redesign/relaunch of datdota, told me at TI this year. “If you have someone who can increase your win expectancy by 2%, they pay for themselves. And more."Read More →

Riot has revealed the kit for their next champion, Camille, putting her in the mold of duelists such as Fiora and Irelia. Her kit allows her to duel individuals and be incredibly powerful in extended skirmishes as she zips around the battlefield and shields crucial damage. Camille’s abilities are the following: Adaptive Defenses (Passive): Basic attacks give Camille a shield based on her maximum health. The shield either blocks physical or magical damage, depending on the primary damage type of the person she auto attacks. There is an internal cooldown to the shield. Precision Protocol (Q): Upon casting Q, Camille's next basic attack has bonusRead More →

Giants Jungler Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian has parted ways with the team, according to an announcement on social media. My Time with Giants Read: https://t.co/MsRZav7uwF — Nubar Sarafian (@Maxlorelol) November 21, 2016 "All in all I'm extremely happy with how my first split went, the people I met and the journey I took," the 20-year-old player said in a TwitLonger. "Thank you to my teammates, the staff and Giants for accepting me and giving me good treatment. I will miss my teammates and staff, they are all great people. I wish them the best of luck for their future." Maxlore joined the team in May, followingRead More →

There’s no question: South Korea is better at League of Legends than any other part of the world. For proof, look no further than their four consecutive world championships. With Korea wielding such global supremacy, it’s no surprise that an ever-increasing number of Korean players are holding roster spots on teams around the world. There is a deeply embedded idea among much of the LoL community that Korean imports are inherently preferable to domestic players. Some teams’ experiences in 2016, however, paint a more complex picture. Many Koreans, including some high-profile names, have been met with failure after leaving Korea, while teams like TSM andRead More →

Unicorns of Love defeated Flash Wolves 3-2 in the Grand Finals at Intel Exteme Masters Oakland Sunday, earning the $50,000 grand prize and topping off an improbable run through the bracket that saw them take down both teams that were seeded directly into the semifinals. After upsetting Team SoloMid in the semis earlier on Sunday, UoL headed to the Grand Finals to face Flash Wolves, who went through Longzhu Gaming to get there themselves. The finals saw Flash Wolves get off to a strong start, winning Game 1 with some strong contributions from Hung "Karsa" Hau-Hsuan in the jungle on Nidalee. The Unicorns struck backRead More →

Clinton “Fear” Loomis retired at the age of 28. Not many people can say that, and Fear laughs when he thinks about it. “Yeah, it's a little strange, but esports works a little differently,” Fear told me several weeks ago at the Northern Arena BEAT Invitational. “It's like, you retire from playing, but there's a lot of great opportunities outside of playing.” In August, after over 10 years of professional Dota, Fear decided it was time to hang up his mouse. As the longest-serving member of Evil Geniuses, he was one of the first American players to win The International, and has placed in TopRead More →

Virtus.pro are The Summit 6 champions following their 3-0 sweep over OG in the Grand Finals. None of the games were particularly even, but VP finished both Game 2 and 3 in under 30 minutes. Minenko "No[o]ne" Vladmir's Ember Spirit was the star of Game 3 with a 15/1/18 scoreline. VP and OG had previously met in The Summit 6's Winners' Finals, where VP triumphed 2-1. OG then took down Evil Geniuses for another crack at the CIS champions, but they didn't fair much better in their second attempt. VP qualified for The Summit 6 through the European qualifiers, and will now be taking homeRead More →