Infographic: Patch 7.19 champion win rates – Top, Jungle, Mid

With Patch 7.20 dropping today, theScore esports decided to take a look at how the Patch 7.19 meta panned out, complete with major shifts including Janna and Azir's balance changes.

This article has win rates for top, jungle, and mid. To see win rates for AD carry and support click here.

Up in the top lane, Singed has the highest win rate of any champion in each elo from Bronze to Platinum. Yorick is also a strong pick in the lower elos while Kayle and Malzahar also stack up well higher up.

In the jungle, Rammus has the second highest win rate in each elo except Silver in which he's first. However, Sejuani is the top pick in Gold and Platinum despite needing strong mechanics to use.

As usual, Malzahar is the best pick in mid with the highest win rate in all four Elos. However, Fiddlesticks mains are finally seeing their time to shine, netting the second highest win rate in Platinum.

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