Best Skin Concepts: Urgot edition

Best Skin Concepts is a recurring series that highlights the best skins and skin concepts for heroes, champions and characters across a variety of games.

In honor of Urgot's upcoming rework, we're highlighting some of the best skin concepts that artists have created for one of League of Legends' most under appreciated heroes. And compared to the likes of more popular champions, the artists behind these skin concepts have gotten very creative in their designs.

Star Guardian Urgot

By Brahim Bensehoul

If you tell me that you don't want this skin concept to actually exist, then you're probably a liar. The Star Guardian skin line is the best thing about League of Legends at the moment, and this skin concept is one the single greatest things ever. If Riot truly cares about its fanbase, they need to make this skin concept a reality.


By canned-sardines

Never has a League of Legends champion looked so delicious. Beyond the spoons for legs and the cherry for a head, the best part about this skin concept are the cinnamon sticks sticking out of Urgot's back, which is a great addition that helps to take the concept to the next level.

Debonair Urgot

By Syncroniam

Sometimes, even the ugliest looking champions need to dress up, and Debonair Urgot certainly delivers in that regard. The only thing missing from this skin concept is Urgot's pinky finger sticking out while holding the glass of wine, but that's a minor nitpick in the face of an absurdly cool looking skin.

Bagpipe Urgot

By Vubidugil

Here we have a rugged monstrosity that will appeal to anyone who likes kilts and bagpipes. It's also the most human looking Urgot I've ever seen, which is a nice change compared to the skins that seem to highlight Urgot's monstrous side.


By Neuronolith

This isn’t so much a new skin for Urgot as it is a radical transformation. I didn’t think it would be possible to make Urgot into an even more horrifying monstrosity, but this fast food skin concept certainly delivers with gusto and a side of fries. There is no word on whether there’s a chroma pack that turns the ketchup into mustard, however.

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