The 10 teams that will form the franchised 2018 NA LCS will be announced in November, according to an update from Riot Games. Though earlier reports stated that the league might be expanded to 12 teams or reduced to eight, Riot said that after much deliberation they will keep the number of teams the same. “While we considered contracting to 8 teams or expanding to 12, neither felt like the right decision. We believe the esports ecosystem in North America has ample pro talent to support 10 teams and that contracting further would unnecessarily limit opportunities for talented pros,” Riot said in the post. “However,Read More →

This Week in Gaming is your definitive weekly guide to the biggest stories and controversies behind the latest esport and gaming headlines. This is everything you need to know about the week that was, but on steroids. We Like… The ESL Trinity Series returns Alright, alright, stow your “Hearthstone is an esport?” jokes for later. The ESL Trinity Series was probably the best competitive Hearthstone tournament held yet, eclipsing the Archon Team League that inspired it. The ESL Hearthstone #TrinitySeries is back with Season 2! Read more: — ESL Hearthstone (@ESLHearthstone) September 22, 2017 Not only did the best-of-11 format let teams bringRead More →

Podcast video topics and time stamps: 4:04 Amazing’s open letter on coaching8:14 Why Andy “Reginald” Dinh is the kind of coach he’d want to be10:30 Host Gabe on Feminist IR theory and Gregg Popovich20:50 Group stage predictions55:24 Amazing on why Faker deserves the top slot in any player ranking1:02:54 SwordArt and the Final Five1:20:50 Why 2017 is Doublelift’s year While Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider won’t be attending Worlds this year, the former Origen and Fnatic player told theScore esports Podcast he’ll be rooting for Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng. Find theScore esports Podcast on iTunes. Click or tap here to listen in on SoundCloud. “I think Doublelift isRead More →

With another League of Legends World Championship on the horizon, the best teams in the world are descending upon a single location to determine who among them can stand as number one. But what about the players? Who among the many are the best individual players attending the tournament this year? Our list of the top 20 players this year was determined by recent play only, meaning that the performance of the summer split and summer playoff matches are the key indicator by which we built this list. In this, strength of domestic league and affinity to the current meta also played a part inRead More →

When it comes to the mid lane in competitive play, control mages and AD carries take up the likely choices for people such as Bjergsen and Jensen. However, there are a few stellar picks that totally avoid being seen in competitive play. Often, this is because more co-ordinated teams can shut down these picks. Or, it's also because no one plays it, so they have no idea it's good. Pros often are late on some trends as a result. This seems to be the case for Fiddlesticks mid, which has a top four solo queue win rate in mid lane despite having a less thanRead More →

Pay-2-Win is a series where we take a look at the coolest, rarest and most expensive gaming memorabilia on the market. Scrubs need not apply. With the news that Riot will be giving 25 percent of proceeds from Championship Ashe sales to charity, we decided this week was a good time for a very special episode of Pay-2-Win. Across League of Legend’s long history, Riot Games have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in support of charities ranging from the Red Cross to the Make-A-Wish Foundation through skin sales. Here are some of the hypest. RELATED: Pay-2-Win: League of Legends’ lost skins Urf Warwick OnRead More →

The Madison Square Garden Company, which bought Counter Logic Gaming in July, has named former Riot esports operation manager and Twitch vice president of esports Nick Allen as their new VP of esports. “It is an honor to become a part of The Madison Square Garden Company as the organization continues their journey into the esports industry,” Allen said in a press release. “And I couldn’t be more excited to be joining the CLG family. I’ve known George since the early days of League of Legends, and admire what he has accomplished as a player and what he has built with CLG. I’m looking forwardRead More →

Barely any competitive play has surfaced in the past week, but Patch 7.18 has come around, giving us insight on what to expect at the World Championship. This week, I'm going to take a look at what I believe we will see at all stages of Worlds. A massive patch in its own right, going through each position will glean insight on what's strong in the patch and which champions will inevitably rise because of the changes. In particular, the items that got nerfed have shifted Worlds slightly away from tankier compositions. We can reasonably expect carry champions in all three lanes. Top Lane ChangesRead More →

As the play-in stage of the seventh annual League of Legends World Championship begins, theScore esports decided to take a look at the regional metas of the five major regions to get a sense of how drafts will pan out in the tournament. All five regions favor strong initiator champions like Gragas and Thresh, however how well each region can utilize those champion differs. For instance, Jarvan IV is among the top five in each region, however his win rate fluctuates significantly, dropping below 50 percent in EU LCS and LMS. While there are some standard picks across all league, each region does have someRead More →

In ‘How Did This Happen,’ theScore esports takes a look back at some of the most busted, broken and insanely overpowered things to ever make their way into the world of competitive gaming. When Dota 7.00 launched in December 2016, it came with one of the most exciting new additions to Dota 2: Monkey King, the first brand new hero since 2012. His reveal was exciting, and he came packed with fresh, new abilities. But turns out, he was as busted as any new Dota hero has ever been. Not all heroes are created equal. Especially not those who are launching with an Arcana andRead More →