Anyone who thinks burnout isn’t a factor in League of Legends needs a Thresh perspective on the scene. Just ask Steve Arhancet. The Team Liquid co-founder and co-CEO appeared on theScore esports Podcast to talk about everything from YouPorn’s entry into esports, to The Big Bluff, a charity poker game featuring League of Legends team owners. The topic of player burnout was front and centre in the conversation, after IEM Katowice saw Cloud9, SK Telecom 1 and Samsung Galaxy all either decline their invites to the event among With the amount of time a high-level player spends bootcamping, travelling and competing, burnout is real, heRead More →

After being dropped from H2k-Gaming’s starting roster during the offseason, Oskar “VandeR” Bogdan found himself looking for a new team. One would think that almost any LCS team would want a Worlds 2016 semifinalist on their roster, but VandeR decided to head back to Challenger and join up with FC Schalke 04. Four weeks into the split, Schalke are in first place with 12 points, and a 4-0 record, far above the rest of the competition. Some are saying they’re one of the most dominant Challenger teams of all time, during a season where the league has been stacked with dozens of experienced players, andRead More →

Anti-Mage has always been a staple of pub Dota, much like a Pudge in the mid lane and un-bought couriers and wards. Conversely his priority in competitive has never been high, at least recently, but he continues to be drafted by an intrepid (or stubborn) few, such as Team Faceless' Black^ and EHOME's Cty. Patch 7.00 introduced a number of sweeping changes that have disrupted Anti-Mage’s way of life, but they’ve also opened up some new possibilities, such as building Mjollnir instead of a Battle Fury. Here’s a quick guide on hating magic and playing a classic Dota hero, Magina, the Anti-Mage. Playstyle Anti-Mage’s shortRead More →

Team YP's Overwatch manager 0:00 IEM tech fails,'s bootcamp and more: 12:36 Team Liquid's Steve Arhancet: 42:50 Click or tap here to listen in on SoundCloud. This week on theScore esports Podcast, hosts Colin, Kyle and Ryan tackle everything from player burnout to the morality of pornographic esports sponsorship. First up the boys get a call-in interview with Team YP Overwatch manager Jessica Schami. She talks about just how the YouPorn-sponsored squad will make it in the big leagues given ESL’s 2016 move to ban them from competition, and how to beat the “stigma” of being associated with a porn streaming company. Then it’sRead More →

Graves is one of the more difficult champions to master due to his shotgun mechanic, a unique and interesting way to classify auto-attacks. As a result of this, he has an intense amount of interesting mechanics and tricks that let him feel way more satisfying to play. With these tips and tricks in particular, you can tell your opponents that the buck(shot) stops here. RELATED: A guide to Graves 1. Graves knocks back jungle creeps and minions, so constantly kiting is important when jungling instead of sitting still and auto-attacking2. Graves’ auto-attacks deal more damage to all targets, including towers, if he stands next toRead More →

When building Graves, there are many options that allow you to thrive in different kinds of situations. His innate synergy with raw attack damage, the lethality items, and health and shield items give him some leeway in what he is allowed to build to stay relevant. RELATED: A guide to Graves However, that doesn’t mean that you can just avoid building certain items. A distinct core that includes early attack damage is key to making sure Graves stays relevant in the early and mid game. Afterwards, he has a lot of flexibility based on the enemy compositions, broadly listed below. The Classic Skirmisher’s Sabre (Warrior)Read More →

Thanks to his high burst damage and mobility, the rough and tumble Graves, is a ranged jungler that can wreak havoc on opposing laners. A ranged carry by trade, Graves is fairly unique in the current meta when compared to other ranged junglers like Kindred, who have not seen many changes in the meta go in her favor. Graves also boasts fairly tanky stats and a passive that gives him invisible armor and excessive tankiness as long as he stays in fights and keeps pumping his double-barrel shotgun. Runes Lethality Reds Scaling Health Yellows Scaling Magic Resistance Blues Attack Damage Quintessences As Graves, you don’tRead More →

Call it a flash of brilliance. Flash Wolves have won the IEM Season XI World Championship in Katowice after sweeping G2 Esports 2-0 in the Grand Finals on Sunday. 🏆 #IEM World Champions 🏆@flashwolves2013 — Intel®ExtremeMasters (@IEM) February 27, 2017 It was a near flawless run for the Taiwanese team as they opened their group by winning their opening best-of-one against G2 and swept Unicorns of Love 2-0 to advance to the playoffs. Their only loss came in the semifinals against H2k-Gaming, with the European giants taking Game 1. FW pulled off a reverse sweep to end the series 2-1. They advanced to theRead More →

It's been relatively quiet in the Dota 2 scene since The Boston Major, but with The Kiev Major Qualifiers on the horizon, that's about to change. With the first matches set to begin on march 6, Valve has yet to announce which teams will secure a coveted invite to the Major and avoid the ever-perilous qualifiers. Compared to past Major qualifiers, two additional regions will be competing for a spot at Kiev. The South American and CIS Qualifiers have been split off from the North American and European ones, creating six qualifying regions. Keeping that in mind, here are the 10 teams we think willRead More →

Team Liquid have won StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 3 following a 3-1 win over Team VG.J in the finals on Sunday. WE ARE YOUR #STARSERIESS3 CHAMPIONS!!! #LETSGOLIQUID — Team Liquid (@TeamLiquid) February 26, 2017 Liquid quickly swept TNC Pro Team 2-0 in the semifinals, while VG.J overcame tournament favorites OG in a surprising 2-1 upset to advance to the finals. In the finals, VG.J took the lead with a decisive Game 1 win, but Liquid went on to dominate the next three maps to claim the championship without much difficulty. SL i-League Season 3 is the first LAN Liquid have won in 2017, withRead More →