Counter Logic Gaming have hired former Bulldog Esports manager Grant “Grievance” Rousseau as their new League of Legends player development coach, according to an announcement on the team’s website. “I am excited to welcome Grievance to the CLG family! He brings a variety of experience and professionalism,” CLG esports director Matt Nausha said in a statement. “I look forward to seeing his impact on the team.” In December, CLG announced that their previous LoL player development coach, Mike Schwartz, would be re-assigned to CLG's CS:GO team. Rousseau comes to the organization with a colorful resume including stints as a valuations analyst at Ernst and YoungRead More →

IEM Katowice will be receiving “the best a man can get” thanks to ESL’s new partnership with men’s shaving brand Gillette, according to a press release, in a move that marks the brand’s first entry into esports. Not only will Gillette sponsor the League of Legends IEM Season 11 World Championship in Katowice, Poland Feb. 24-26, but it has also made Origen founder and legendary mid laner Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez a global brand ambassador. “Gillette obsesses over razor blades the same way I obsess over League of Legends strategy and it’s that common dedication that made me realize how much Gillette actually has inRead More →

The European LCS and CS will ban Challenger sister teams entirely beginning with the 2017 EU LCS and CS Summer Split, Riot announced Tuesday. Among a list of changes to the EU CS and Promotion tournament format Riot published on Tuesday, the organization confirmed that their sister team policy is becoming more severe than was previously thought. In December, then-Riot Games senior esports coordinator J.T. Vandenbree tweeted that LCS teams with CS sister teams would be unable to participate in the Promotion Tournament, to remove the incentive to build a farm team. Now, however, Riot has stated that organizations will not be allowed to haveRead More →

Even the best of us have fallen victim to an accidental button mash that resulted in an unintended flash. While in Barcelona, Spain for the 2016 All-Star Event, we asked the pros which of their fellow players is most prone to flashing by accident. For more video interviews and highlights, be sure to subscribe to theScore esports on YouTube. Copyright © 2017 Score Media Ventures Inc. All rights reserved. Certain content reproduced under license. Source: The Score LoLRead More →

Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer bursts out of Team Liquid’s base as Katarina. He’s the first to spawn following a team ace at the hands of FlyQuest Esports. It’s too late. Team Liquid’s nexus falls. While packing up their equipment, the players look surprised but not despondent, save for AD carry Chae “Piglet” Gwang-jin. Years of professional play, a World Championship and he still takes each and every loss to heart. Today, that loss comes on Day 2 of the 2017 NA LCS Spring Split, another regular season series. It still seems personal. He looks down, averting his eyes from where the camera is positioned atop theRead More →

Warwick has just been reworked, and his rework has added a whole host of new mechanics for the raging werewolf. Much more than just a simple point-and-click character, the new abilities for Warwick add new ways to tangle with your foes. Here are some gameplay tips and tricks to get you a leg up on the competition. RELATED: Hungry Like the Wolf: A Reworked Warwick Guide Your Q can follow all global abilities, including teleport. Warwick must latch onto the target as they complete their global ability's channel time. Your Q's latch mechanic makes it so that you are CC immune during that period. YouRead More →

With their 2-1 victory over H2k-Gaming in Week 2 of the 2017 EU LCS spring season, Unicorns of Love’s Fabian “Exileh” Schubert told Sport1 that his team is well-poised to continue their domination over Group B. "I think we can keep it for sure if we just keep up our game and just keep improving," Exileh said of UoL's current 3-0 record. "The biggest threat for us was really H2K, because we didn't scrim them at all, so we didn't know how good they were." However, despite the Unicorns' win at IEM Oakland in November and taking fourth place in the 2016 EU LCS SummerRead More →

Few could have predicted the strong showing of Group B’s wildcard team Unicorns of Love in the first two weeks of the 2017 EU LCS Spring Split. After a 3-0 record left them sitting in first place of Group B, UoL’s founder and coach Fabian “Sheepy” Mallant expressed his feelings toward the new roster’s performance. "First up," Sheepy began in a Facebook post, "[I'm] proud for the new guys Xerxe and Samux who are relatively new rookies to the EU LCS. They have been proven to work hard and be willing to practice efficiently to set the team and themselves up for success." Heading intoRead More →

Vision is one of the most important parts of League of Legends. Whether you’re in Bronze or Challenger, people play better when they know exactly where their opponents are and what they are doing or plan to do. Being on the receiving end of a surprise attack can be devastating, especially in solo queue where co-ordination is less likely. What makes warding an interesting mini-game is the battle that your team has against their team. It’s a war of information that allows you to make the best possible decisions, and the constant struggle for that information is paramount to macro plays that you and yourRead More →

German sports company Lagardère Sports have become the exclusive marketing partner of Unicorns of Love, the team announced in a Facebook post Monday. The agency @LSports_de enters eSports market by signing up with @UnicornsOfLove – — Unicorns Of Love (@UnicornsOfLove) January 30, 2017 According to the announcement, the company will be focusing on “sponsor acquisition, product development and expansion of digital channels” for the team. Their market leader will be working with UoL to help expand the brand and establish media rights. This is the first investment Lagardère Sports has made in an esport. "The Unicorns of Love stand out with their extravagantRead More →